Why Pragmaticum?

Pragmaticum stands out in the market due to the range of types of loss and compensation it has had experience in, coupled with a depth of expertise and 'real life' commercial experience of its Directors.

Using Pragmaticum for claim preparation provides accurate loss calculation not only for insurance claim purposes but also in pre loss planning and risk management. The depth of experience possessed by Pragmaticum is available to clients to reference whatever the reason.

It’s in house team have the expertise for “big data” analysis to support indemnity or counterfactual projections. The delegation of the claim assessment and preparation allows senior management of our clients additional time to be able to focus on recovering the business after the incident.

Pragmaticum’s service simplifies and clarifies the claims process, allowing each party to perform its prime function without ambiguity or conflict.



Pragmaticum Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Ref: 501527