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Conference hears about Group Action on Consequential Loss


Aldersgate Rooms Central Halls – Westminster 13th March 2017


Legal challenge to Bank's treatment of Consequential Loss in the FCA review

Whilst a large number of bank customers have received a relatively satisfactory outcome interms of basic redress, the same cannot be said in respect of the compensation being offered by the banks for consequential losses suffered as a result of the mis-selling


The FCA review

The FCA review on Interest Rate Hedging Products. - Consequential Loss

Pragmaticum is working with businesses that have now had their IRHP reviewed. Basic redress decisions have been made in many cases and IRHP costs are being returned leaving the business with the option to present its consequential loss claim or accept the 8% compensatory interest as sufficient compensation.


Holmcroft Properties Judicial Review decision

The decision goes against Holmcroft but the duty of care argument is strengthened and the decison will be appealed


Bully-Banks preferred advisor

Pragmaticum provides consequential loss expertise to Bully-Banks members

From experience gained in handling losses for a wide range of businesses caused by different circumstances (fires, floods, oil pollution, compulsory purchase etc.) Pragmaticum is pleased to have been chosen as the preferred advisor to identify and quantify the consequential loss and other financial losses suffered by Bully-Bank ( members.


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