Claim Systems and Data Handling

Pragmaticum’s directors have over the past decades been involved in projects with high volumes of claimants so there is a unique experience that is available in establishing the processes that are required for claims schemes. This will help ensure that the losses (of whatever sort) are well proven and that the method used to do it is structured and defendable for both parties benefit.

To successfully manage high numbers of claimants there is a need for considerable information to be generated on claimant status in the claim process as well as that relevant to the individual claim itself.

The constant analysis of such data enables resource planning to keep the claim process flowing smoothly, as well as allowing consideration of the assessment outcomes to keep the inevitable variance in expert opinion to an acceptable level. This enables outlying “Hawks and Doves” to be reviewed and where required retrained to keep the assessment of loss as predictable (and there for therefore as fair) as possible.

As a result of our involvement in large and complex claim schemes as well as in the proof of claims for businesses with high transactional volumes, Pragmaticum is no stranger to “big data” and its manipulation and analysis.

Although not seen as the mainstream of its services it is nonetheless a skill set that is sought after when a client really wants to maximise its benefit from having access to high levels but unstructured sets of data, but is unable to obtain the information from within.

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