World’s largest personal injury scheme and other major projects

Pragmaticum chief executive Adrian Maurice, in a former role, was closely involved with the following projects.

  • The UK government’s miners’ compensation scheme was the world’s biggest personal injury scheme for 570,000 miners suffering from chronic obstructive lung disease. Adrian was responsible for designing the medical assessment scheduling system and software, as well as the collection of the medical records from approximately 50% of all the general practitioners’, hospitals and Department of Work and Pensions’ offices in the country. miners COPD case study.pdf
  • Having established a unique capability for scanning medical records, Adrian took on a significant consultancy project for the National Health Service Information Authority to explore the possibility of digitising the medical records throughout the country. After this piece of work was completed but before a pilot could be commissioned the NHSIA was dissolved and the ill fated National Programme began. nhsia case study.pdf
  • Following the unique experience of designing, building and operating the claims systems for the miners’ and fire arms’ compensation schemes, together with the scanning capability developed for medical records, the next challenge was to provide a solution for the NHS Pensions Agency whose 2.2 million files were stored in a warehouse that had reached its storage capacity. Read how the NHSPA went paper light. nhspa case study.pdf

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