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Business Interruption Consultancy

Post Incident Financial Loss Assessment

Pragmaticum is a niche consultancy that prides itself as being experts in financial loss assessment for businesses. It is at the core of the services we offer and is used to prepare a business interruption or consequential loss claim to submit to an insurer or other compensating third party, and to give it the confidence to pay the loss without unreasonable dispute or argument.

We have refined our approach depending on whether liability has been admitted or is in question. Where there are many businesses affected by the same event or cause of loss, and seek redress from the same party, we are able to bring benefits to our clients from being able to look not just at individual cases but also at market or industry level.

In the sections below we set out the compensation environments where we help our clients to rebuild their business as efficiently as possible, assess the financial loss suffered, and support them in recovering their losses whether liability is admitted or not and regardless of whether they are a single case or one of many.

Liability Admitted

Liability Denied 

Claims Against Banks