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Who We Are

The Directors of Pragmaticum have worked together for 30 years and have the experience to provide a high quality specialist service concentrating on all matters relating to complex business interruption claims and pre-loss advice.  

David Gamble

David Gamble was made a Vice-President of the Association of Insurance and Risk Managers (Airmic) in 2014 having served the organisation since 1998, first as Executive-Director from 1998 to 2006 and then as Chairman of the Airmic Academy until April 2018. During his tenure Airmic hosted the discussions after 9/11 which allowed the British airline industry to be the first in the world to win government backing  when the insurance industry withdrew cover, thus setting an example which the rest of the world followed.  

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Airmic then provided input to discussions which resulted in the expansion of Pool Re’s conditions to cover terrorist attacks with biological, radiological, nuclear and chemical weapons. 

The opportunities for an Association as a result of the internet were taken up vigorously as was an online risk management course, funded by the EU, and produced in English, French, German and Italian. This course was written in the main by David and incorporated the risk management diagram which was included in the Risk Management Standard, developed in conjunction with the IRM  and ALARM and which has now been translated into over 12 languages.

Prior to Airmic David’s experience was in industrial marketing mainly for engineering and paper products. He worked in Japan for seven years as General Manager for Spirax Sarco, the world’s leading steam control company, and then for five years as President of English China Clays Japan. With the last company he oversaw the development of a major kaolin store which not only revolutionised how kaolin was delivered to the nearby mills but also, years later, thankfully survived the tsunami which devastated the area.

David is the co-author of four volumes of stories about successful risk-taking by remarkable leaders from 500 BCE to the present which were commissioned by a major German insurer.

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Adrian Maurice BSc
Chief Executive

Adrian’s career began with major consultancy Price Waterhouse. He then moved into claims advocacy specialising in business interruption, as well as dealing with individual cases he has also designed and run a number of major claims management projects. 

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These included oil pollution claims in the wake of the Sea Empress disaster, compensation for the surrender of firearms and accessories after the Dunblane tragedy, and setting up the IT infrastructure and the medical assessment processes supporting the UK’s Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform’s respiratory disease compensation scheme for miners

Adrian’s business interests expanded from claims management systems into other areas of business process, such as document and content management, where for example he was responsible for the project to scan all the pension records for the NHS.

Over the past seven years Adrian has brought together his experience of specialising in business interruption claims, and operating one-off claim compensation schemes in representing the many SMEs that have been financially impacted by the high street banks mis-selling of interest hedging products. As well as representing the claimant Adrian is also advising the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Banking and supporting it in getting a fairer system of resolving disputes with these financial institutions.

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Dr Malcolm Stewart MBA, PhD, FCCA, FRSA
Technical Director

Dr Malcolm Stewart began his career in business interruption at the sharp end when the manufacturing business of which he was the finance director suffered a major fire. Some 20 years later he has amassed considerable experience in the assessment of complex commercial losses and has also expanded this talent to other related claims areas.

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Malcolm is regarded as an international authority on litigation funding and is also probably the world’s leading authority on fishing claims having represented the majority of Spanish owned UK fishing companies that successfully sued the UK government (settlement of £20m) in the Factortame litigation.

Over the past 15 years Malcolm has represented claimants for every European oil tanker disaster (Braer, Sea Empress etc), devising models for the various fisheries affected and conducting extensive research into market pricing to support claims.

Malcolm has extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of business interruption insurance and claims. He has conducted numerous business interruption workshops for both the Chartered Institute of Insurers and the British Insurance Brokers Association. His paper on business interruption is available on the CII claims faculty website as no 1 in a series of professional pointers.

Malcolm has been part of the centre for risk and insurance studies within the University of Nottingham and was awarded an MBA (risk and insurance) with distinction. “What is a fair price for commercial litigation funding” was the question addressed in his prizewinning MBA dissertation, and he followed this with a part time PhD where his research was “The Regulation of Third Party Funding of Commercial Litigation. He is also highly proficient in the use of IT and statistical tools.

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Michael Fox FCA
Chairman Emeritus

Michael was Chairman from 2012 to 2019.

A qualified chartered accountant, Michael held several senior positions in the corporate sector before beginning his career in loss assessing, specialising in business interruption claims. He moved on to set up a professional niche business interruption service.

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This business grew until in 1997 he sold it to his largest client. However, he continued to retain an interest, innovating and expanding into areas such as compulsory purchase orders, particularly in advance of the 2012 Olympics.

Over this time, Michael has focused on representing his clients after they have suffered a loss. His experience is vast, ranging from handling losses during the ‘troubles’ in Belfast through the IRA campaigns in the City to acting for large businesses around the country.

Michael is well known to the loss adjusting profession as a technically excellent professional with a depth of understanding of business interruption policy interpretation. His long experience has resulted in an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of businesses and how they are affected by major incidents.

He is a shrewd and wise tactician in disputes on liability and quantum, bringing common sense and compromise to the most entrenched of positions to the benefit of all concerned.

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Candy Holland

Candy is a senior chartered loss adjuster who is well respected in the London Insurance Market where she spent 43 years involved in large and complex property and BI claims, working for loss adjusting companies and brokers.

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Candy was latterly Managing Director at Echelon Claims Consultants a business she led shortly after its formation. Echelon comprised a team of loss adjusters, specialising in claim preparation and bespoke services including loss scenario planning and related major claim issues. Previously owned by JLT it was acquired by Marsh Ltd just before Candy took retirement. Subsequently she has returned to the market as an Associate at Pragmaticum.

Candy has a depth of experience acquired through settling a range of problematic international claims over the years where she represented a variety of FTSE 100 companies. In addition to leading on some very challenging losses she also advised on claims protocols, process improvements, large loss planning, wording and technical issues.

Candy is extremely proud to have been appointed as the first female President of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters in 2013 and is still actively involved in the Institute including the Women in CILA group which she founded in 2015. 

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Andrew Curry

Andrew began working for Pragmaticum in 2021 after spending 7 years as a consultant at the Royal Bank of Scotland where he was responsible for the development and delivery of a structured methodology for cash redress remediation and consequential loss claim assessment from SME customers who were mis-sold Interest Rate Hedging Products and thereafter those who made complaints about the Global Restructuring Group. 

Andrew has transitioned from compensator to claimant representative and leads a team of four Accountants working on insurance and bank related claims.

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Prior to 2013 Andrew has been responsible for providing business change project and programme management consultancy services, specialising in financial transformation, in particular ERP systems in major banking and insurance clients. He is used to leading teams to deliver on time and budget on complex projects that are strategically important as well as having demanding reporting and compliance requirements.

Andrew was recruited into Pragmaticum after having sat across the table in discussing many remediation cases where despite representing the banks he displayed a balanced and fair technical evaluation of the claims presented demonstrating an independence and commitment to fair outcomes.

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Kevin Fee

After a career in finance and accounting within manufacturing and airline industries, Kevin spent 15 years working for the Scenic Hotel Group, New Zealand’s largest locally owned and managed hotel chain. 

During his time at Scenic in the senior role of Group Revenue Manager, he was heavily involved in the preparation of a number of Business Interruption Insurance claims. These covered such diverse causes as the Christchurch Earthquakes of 2011 and 2012, storm damage within New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, flooding and denial of access.

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As a result, he has had to navigate complex loss scenarios, which with his strong background in financial analysis have been successfully concluded.

Kevin has now made the decision to specialise further by working with Chris Maurice at Corporate Risk & Insurance Solutions, with a natural ongoing special interest in Business Interruption claims, and it is in this regard that he has been working with Pragmaticum on hotel Covid-19 claims.

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Chris Maurice – CRIS
Network Partner

Chris Maurice is the owner and founder of Corporate Risk & Insurance Solutions (CRIS), a company which provides strategic risk financing expertise to large multi-national insurance organisations, that have chosen to outsource their risk and insurance functions. 

CRIS provides a cost effective and leading-edge outsourced solution, with deep knowledge of how to structure, and then purchase insurance programs. It is leading the largest corporate parametric placement in the world on behalf of a client.

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CRIS has been an exponent of Pragmaticum’s experience and skillset in pre loss valuations, the assessment and preparation of complex business interruption claims, particularly in the telecommunication market for a long time. 

The two brothers have for the past 30 years trod their separate paths in the insurance world but have now come full circle and are able to offer the combined capabilities of each business to their current and future clients.

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